About CLYO

The City of Leeds Youth Orchestra maintains a reputation as one of the leading ensembles of its kind in the country.  For more than fifty years it has given generations of young players an opportunity to express their musical talents.  The orchestra plays regularly in Leeds and has performed in concert halls, churches and cathedrals throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

A CLYO Rehersal

A CLYO Rehearsal

In June 2012 the orchestra was invited by Leeds City Council to perform for the departure of the Olympic torch from Leeds.  In March 2008 the orchestra performed the Sinfonia Antartica by Ralph Vaughan Williams at Leeds Town Hall, receiving a 5-star review from The Yorkshire Post.

Summer residential courses have been held in Durham, Giggleswick, Repton, Bath and York.  Abroad, the orchestra’s most recent tours have been to eastern Poland, Madrid, Leipzig and eastern Germany and in July 2014, to Perugia.  The Polish tour (July 2008) culminated in a concert at the Warsaw Conservatoire.  In July 2017 the orchestra will go on a residential course at Repton.

Everyone at CLYO is very grateful to all the fantastic staff and tutors, without whom CLYO would not be able to function.

Members of the City of Leeds Youth Orchestra are all under 19 years of age. Several have become members of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and have continued their studies at conservatoires and universities. The orchestra is part of City of Leeds Youth Music (CLYM), organised by Artforms, the music and arts team within Children’s Services at Leeds City Council.