Auditioning for CLYO


CLYO welcomes string, woodwind, brass and percussion players under 19 years of age who would normally be expected to be at least grade 6-7 standard.

For further information regarding auditions and the application form please see ArtForm – City of Leeds Youth Music.

For the audition you may play one or two short, contrasting pieces of your choice, for a total playing time of 8 minutes.  One of these pieces needs to be accompanied. You will also be asked to attempt some sight-reading.

Please choose pieces you enjoy playing and that are well within your capabilities.


If you wish to use our accompanist, please include copies of piano parts with your application.  These may be photocopies, but please bring originals to your audition.

If interested in joining CLYO, or for  more information, please see the Artsform City of Leeds Youth Music or telephone 0113 378 2850.

Although priority is given to players from Leeds, players from a wider area are welcome to apply as well, as most sections of the orchestra have places available.  There are always a significant number of leavers each year so this is YOUR opportunity to become part of our very special orchestra.