Fabulous Fundraising Friday!

We started 2015 with fabulous news regarding fundraising for CLYO:

Barclays Bank have kindly agreed to match fund our pre-Christmas fundraising events – busking in the York Branch of Barclays Bank and bag-packing/playing in M&S Guiseley, Leeds.

The Emerald Foundation have made a very generous donation to the Friends of CLYO to enable us to purchase an ‘A’ clarinet and piccolo as well as contributing to our general funds.

The Tuckshop held on a Friday night has been raising funds and these have been building up!  A decision has been made to offer the funds to the various groups that rehearse on a Friday evening.

All-in-all a great day for CLYO funds!  We continue to seek financial support to enable us to purchase a bass clarinet, another ‘A’ clarinet and to pay for the repairs needed on the cor anglais and contra-bassoon.