Tour to Perugia

Loading up the van, ready to go 🙂 DSC_0498DSC_0497

After the personal delivery of Robbie’s trumpet, we’re on our way!10534154_918335064848878_5377195925272421113_n







By ferry.. 984139_918603794822005_1788724608769889196_n

And lots of time on the bus… 10509521_918892564793128_493400084025461624_n 10509605_918603664822018_5587399351541977552_n   Day 2

Stunning scenery on the way… 10478435_918913574791027_1120919969451487172_n10421587_919034228112295_4581093947758140430_n


After 30 hours 4 minutes, we have arrived safe at Perugia Park Hotel 🙂

10552651_919139431435108_2787247044150830775_n 10502223_919140154768369_8725473122882685390_n


Day 3 – The day that CLYO had to go offstage to fetch more encores!

Much sleeping and showering has occurred and a fresher looking CLYO has made its way to Ovierto.

Now transfer Italian style from coach park to Duomo… 10534433_919666074715777_3994412507674734884_n (1)


Our first concert venue.

. 10527643_919674538048264_3989903737210172493_n (1) 934747_919674524714932_1556557953538852127_n (1)

And the instruments arrived safely one hour before the first rehearsal!10464366_919697354712649_1106151365877109482_n

Verdi sounding great in the Orvieto Duomo…

Chilling before the first concert… 10424330_919781968037521_3769420183139544887_n 10526172_919781761370875_3898616398648685679_n10426120_919781851370866_521269943417685369_n


After a full programme and four encores, they were still standing, clapping and asking for more… you get the picture! 🙂

10449947_919930671355984_5629437006685667396_n10410159_919930808022637_8138082612952105553_n10547663_919930611355990_4903334096925520458_n Happy day, happy audience, happy CLYO 🙂10423775_919930724689312_6376465070073498403_n









Day 4

Chilling prior to our visit to Assissi, then Spello for more encores..

10544333_920205021328549_8813895737043366448_n (1)10565126_920205094661875_6734942955355248204_n10494556_920205124661872_8153799876269379167_n

Assissi and the Basilica of San Francesco – difficult to describe how amazing this is 10478222_920315574650827_2161028196192621735_n 10565170_920315651317486_4256454631000490882_n10543631_920315704650814_116377423762066478_n

Sheltering from the baking sun…10464348_920316954650689_8496873636492904618_n10487407_920317077984010_8670851032733157288_n10527647_920316997984018_4566397011568918617_n

We arrive at Spello to a police escort!10438896_920412384641146_2904861036983601503_n10256422_920412407974477_6060747085589368784_n

Dinner in restaurant II Trombone 10527312_920412734641111_7347974493278243709_n Sensational view ….10462393_920412771307774_5413929128142928433_o

It’s a cat’s life..   10387673_920454867970231_3114522540951629707_n

Our venue – and our maestro..10492149_920454891303562_7464394683622684273_n

Lads waiting while the ladies change..     10457483_920454931303558_334779859278061878_n

“I seem to remember saying to CLYO months ago that our Italian guests would love our repertoire – not sure we could ever have imagined quite how much tho!
Extraordinary reaction from a capacity house – and yes, we had to do four encores again.
Started ‘Pirates’ at 22.48 – so possibly the fastest ever!
Amazing, amazing CLYO.” 🙂 (Dougie)


Day 5

A day with chocolate, Perugia during the jazz festival, a beautiful lake then back for prizes and an evening without playing any Tchaikovsky!

It was a ‘cool’ 36 when we left the chocolate museum/factory today.
Tasting session much enjoyed!1551464_920823037933414_3033843099277767465_n10561574_920823051266746_6394987026685172481_n

Concert in Montefalco advertised on Italian telly 🙂

Relaxing couple of hours in Perugia with live jazz being played all over the centre. 10484196_920865114595873_9045693475539381324_n

Great views and a bit cooler – enough for an impromptu footy game in the main square..10562977_920865074595877_3079270101589031294_n

One more from Perugia as we leave for our next stop.  What a stunning area!


A relaxing hour at the spectacular lakeside of Castiglione del Lago
before heading off for evening quiz at the hotel…10557241_920934581255593_6683880753055792086_n

Lovely awards do with lots of laughs 🙂

De Boer awards went to
Izzy Rose
Ellie Pollock
Matthew Li
Bhanhee Kim

10461970_921110611237990_2597000927447521651_n (1)

And the Music For Alice Award – in memory of ex CLYO member Alice McGill who died in the Tsunami in 2004 – goes to Amy Green..

Bravo, Amy for your brilliant playing and leading this year!10488368_921110971237954_5980150287158940052_n

The Paul Mountain Award for outstanding achievement goes to Rob Greenwood!

Congrats and bravo to Rob and thanks and best wishes to all our wonderful leavers 🙂

After a great quiz from Sarah and Hannah
Late night jazz in the bar with Jacob, Tom and Dan 10402755_921107401238311_5111038995172920410_n (1)

What a day! 🙂


Day 6

Today, sightseeing in Gubbio and then off to Montefalco.


It’s hard to believe that it could get any more beautiful than the last few days
– but it does!1926724_921391864543198_4482215488315193060_n10551042_921391951209856_9115783586363853212_n (1)1044239_921392064543178_2444950101264520134_n (1)


The highlight was the ski lift..10565082_921421851206866_1323544383358342356_n (1)

Wonderful, wonderful views..10556285_921421947873523_659085535483752463_n (1)10491215_921421921206859_7667474571617559450_n (1)

and all back safely 🙂

Kipps, being the legend he is, walked all the way!10538060_921421984540186_4702497582292646641_n (1)10462769_921422034540181_3457773961800568075_n


The museum at Montefalco certainly has the wow factor and also a great acoustic..10411189_921502637865454_5531983898849413832_n

A tired, but happy, CLYO in Montefalco..10547418_921543094528075_829461093646203309_n

Casually watching Umbria vs Lazio at boxing – as you do after a rehearsal!10565148_921564264525958_1753006603760880676_n

“Tiredness showing in the eyes but not in the music – there was playing in Enigma that was as fine as anything I have ever heard.  To start Francesca at 22.30 and play it like that should not really be possible – not to mention the four encores..” (Dougie)


Day 7

Our amazing CLYO spirit continues 🙂

A couple of hours wandering around beautiful Cortona before heading to Chiusi for a complete performance of Enigma, several encores and then water works.

Ready for the final concert by this fabulous CLYO year…10447704_922172204465164_1518089863599282924_n (2)

And here we go – the final concert of the tour!10436186_922192654463119_4801505333215596176_n (2)


Four concerts
More standing ovations than we could count
14 encores
Nine beautiful towns in Umbria and Tuscany visited
Playing of great quality, care and passion with simply the finest string sound around
One serious re-invite from a major promoter
One happy CLYO 🙂

10486951_922295881119463_646321635632398031_nAnd after all that, late night jazz in the bar – amazing 🙂

Our awesome leavers 2014 with the Maestro of course 🙂10489683_923467141002337_1675921841749668912_n



Day 8

Head for home…

Day 9

Arrive in Leeds at tea-time – safe and sound.  What a great trip 🙂